Frequently Asked Questions

Birth & Death Registration
Q.What are the rules for registration of Birth & Death Certificates?
A.Please click the following link to view the rules. View
Q.What are the details of Birth & Death registration Act?
A.: Please click the following link to view the act. View
Q.Can I get the Birth/Death certificate from Hospital?
A.When the event ( Birth/death) takes place in hospital, there is provision to register the brith/death and the provisional birth/death certificate is given to citizen. The list of registered hospitals in e nagar sewa is at the link : View Link This is functional in all Nagar Nigams (14) of Uttar Pradesh.
Property Tax Collection
Q.What are the provisions of property tax collection?
A.There are three provisions for the property tax collection. 1. From Counter of Zonal Office of Nagar Nigam 2. From Registered CSC of Nagar Nigam 3. From Webbased solution via payment gateway ( SBI Mops)
Q.What are rules pertaining to property tax?
A.The rules of property tax can be found out at the following link. View Link
Q.What are the provisions of Licenses?
A.The rules of Licenses can be found out at the following link. View Link
RTI (Right To Information)
Q.What facilities are available for RTI?
A.The e-nagarsewa provides provision for Citizen to track an entered application for its progress via the e nagarsewa application.
MPR ( Monthly Progress Report)
Q.What are the application available for MPR for employees ?
A.: The e-nagarsewa provides provision to enter the MPR data and provides the admin reports and the user reports for their prescribed logins. It provides entery of 43 proforma in the application.
Mobile Application
Q.Can I track my applicstion on mobile android/non android?
A.Yes you can. Download the application from the following link. View Link